Known Issues

  • validation is not complete. Properties using calc() for example will be reported invalid but may well be valid. They are wellformed however and will be parsed and serialized properly.

  • comments may not survive parsing in all cases

  • CSSStyleSheet.cssText is a serialized byte string (not unicode string) currently. This may change in the future.

  • CSS2Properties not implemented completely (setting a shorthand property does not set related properties like setting margin does not set margin-left etc). Also the return values are not as defined in the specification as no normalizing is done yet. Prefer to use style['property'] over

  • The seq attribute of most classes does not hinder you to add invalid items. It will probably become readonly. Never write to it!

    Content of ``seq`` will most likely change completely, seq is more of an internal property and should not be used in client code yet

  • although cssutils tries to preserve CSS hacks not all are (and some - mainly syntactically invalid ones - will probably never be). The following hacks are known to not be preserved:

    star hack (without any whitespace)

    *html syntactically invalid

    star7 hack (without any whitespace)

    html*#test-span (IMHO invalidated by the missing WS between html and “*”)

    The main problem for cssutils users is that some stylesheets in the wild are not parsable without loosing some information, a pretty print for these sheets is simply not possible with cssutils (actually with hardly any css parser…).

    Generally syntactically valid (wellformed) stylesheets should be preserved completely (otherwise it will be a bug in cssutils itself). Invalid stylesheets will probably loose some information like to above *html hack. Most of these hacks may be rewritten while still be working, e.g. * html should work same to *html. Until cssutils 0.9.5b2 the invalid IE-specific CSS hack using $propertyname was preserved but its usage was already discouraged (and if e.g. specifying color and $color these properties are not the same for cssutils (but are for IE…). These kind of invalid hacks are not kept during parsing anymore since cssutils 0.9.5b3! In almost any case it is possible to use at least syntactically valid CSS while still working around different browser implementations.

  • when PyXML is installed not all tests may run through (see issue #34 for details) as PyXMLs implementation of xml.dom.DOMException differs from the default (minidom and I guess others) implemtation. Nothing really to worry about…